Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sim Height Slider

This is a height slider based on the EA teen morph - used as is for shortness and with the values inverted for tallness, and converted into a slider. It works with child through adult. There is no shaking of the hands and feet and no distortion in most animations. It's disabled for toddlers because of distortion in the usual sitting animation, but you can still set a value in CAS and it'll show up when the toddler ages up.

Adult male
Adult female


Known problems:
  • As with all height sliders, the kissing animation looks terrible.
  • Short sims have some mild distortion of the ankles and feet when sitting or lying down.
  • Tall sims will have their knees clipping through the covers when sleeping on their backs.
Should be fully compatible with ALL versions of the game. If you have problems let me know, but please don't ask every time a patch comes out.

Download: (These are package files and do not need to be unzipped!)
Experimental scripts to automatically create a gender height difference:


Install in the standard way Sims 3 package files are installed:


Please do not ask for help with my other mods here. Post in the threads for those mods wherever you downloaded them.